Cliff Rudder, Newton, NJ

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“When Northern Jersey Painting came to my house to take a look at it and give me a price and how long it would take to paint my house – he first came over and checked all the trim work and everything and showed me where he would have to repair certain things that I hadn’t even seen in the walls, that had holes and chips.  They did a beautiful, beautiful job.  I’ve had the living room done three times since I’ve lived there.  The trim work has never looked as good as it looks right now.   And the music they played while they were here wasexcellent.  His staff was very friendly. I felt as ease leaving them in our house for the day because we just left the door open and he locked the door at night.  And a few nights we were still there when they were finishing up.  His staff, and Paul, of course is a great guy.  I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to have their house painted by professionals, and honest professionals.”


Cliff Rudder, Newton, NJ

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